Our Prices

We provide services with one hour Driving Lesson Package prices starting from $59.*/hr,Ten hours for $595(After 15% Discount) and Pay as you go from $68(save $2 for Automatic car only, usually $70). All of our Instructors are trained by us and selected for their patience and professionalism. Driving lesson in market are available from $45 to $99 per hour, choose wisely as I would really worry for someone who learn from a instructor for paying $45/Hour or $99/hour is insane . Cheap prices are often end up costly over time period.  Check below our updated prices.

Single Lesson Booking

    Fan Favorites Packages

    10 hours, will be equal to 30hours in your logbook, The perfect package weather you like to have safe start with your driving and jump in your logbook over quarter of 100 hours, OR you like to boost up your hours to finish logbook, and prepare for driving test at the same time. So, you can PASS the practical driving test in FIRST GO.

    10 hours x $70 = $700 (i.e. $70 per hour) (Promotion price $595 only for Automatic Car & $650 for Manual Car).

    Driving Test Day Related Services

    Q-Transport approved dual Controlled Vehicle for driving test.

    Practical Driving Test + One hour of driving Lesson before test = $199 (Highly recommended)(Perhaps  beat any advertised price in Brisbane call us)

    Practical Driving Test Car Hire only (Driving lesson not included)  = $130


    *Note: The above charges are exclusive of test booking fee payable to QLD Transport-TMRQ.


    **All packages/Payments/lessons expire in 3 Months of time unless otherwise approved for an extended time (One Month is normally enough for one Package) , To cancel or reschedule; Three Days notice is requested, a minimum of 24 hours of notice is must before the appointment time for urgent/unexpected reasons/issues. Late cancellation will incur full lesson charges especially if cancelled repeatedly or with less than 12 hours notice. Packages are non-refundable/Non-transferable/Non-shareable. We Pay card processing /(some of paypal) charges included in prices with no extra cost to you,  which can’t be refunded by processing company, please confirm service availability in your area before booking & have valid driving licence(Learner/overseas licence). (100% refundable with more than 24 hours notice). Payment via CC & Paypal is also available for (96% refundable with 24 hours Notice)  Ts&Cs  

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