10 hrs Lessons (Big Saving ) Novice Learner Package $55/hr


$700.00 $550.00


10 hours, will be equal to 30hours in your logbook, The perfect package weather you like to have safe start with your driving and jump in your logbook over quarter of 100 hours, OR you like to boost up your hours to finish logbook, and prepare for driving test at the same time. So, you can PASS the practical driving test in FIRST GO.

10 hours = $550 limited Special (i.e. $55 per hour)

one hour is counted as 3 hours in the logbook (First 10 hours), Very cheap and worth a lot. Calculate yourself!

Driving lessons appointment duration can be           1 hour, 1.5 hours, 2 hours.

Package can be used for Automatic and Manual Car driving lessons.

One months is enough to use package, however Package expiry is 3 Months.