Online Driving Lessons

Yup! you heard it Right, We have started a pilot program in response to COVID-19 to meet the need of time and write a new chapter of history. We are offering very low priced online private theory classes with our special video conferencing software “ZOOM” from real local expert driving instructors. This will surely slash your number of driving lessons required by half to zero approx. Join us to write history, for only $100 for one week (Five Classes of one hour approx).

Benefits of Online driving-related theory lesson:

  • Easy learning with relaxed classes
  • Learn the theory beforehand and hit the road with Confidence
  • Save Money with much cheaper lessons with more knowledge
  • Detailed learning as Practical learning too fast-paced to get Test Ready.
  • Overseas Licence holder can do this short course to pass a driving test or before starting to drive-in QLD.
  • Parents/Supervisors can refresh their road rules knowledge, and learn advance teaching techniques to teach learners themselves.