Restrictions COVID-19 Further Eased (Stage 1)

The Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk released Queensland’s Roadmap to Easing COVID-19 restrictions. The roadmap outlines a staged approach to giving Queenslanders more freedom to travel, participate in more activities, and hold more gatherings. Stage 1 Starts from 15 May 2020.

Family, friends, and community

  • Family and Friends can gather at home with a maximum of five visitors. House BBQ parties are back.
  • Outdoor Gatherings is allowed up to a maximum of 10 people at the library, park, and other public places and even for weddings which do not seem enough for the wedding party but if you can’t wait just do it. at least will have an excuse for not inviting some.

Businesses and economy

  • Retail shopping is open if needed, however, I will still prefer to buy online for some time.
  • 10 people permitted at any one time for:
    • dining in (with COVID SAFE Checklist): restaurants, cafés, pubs, registered and licensed clubs, RSL clubs and hotels – no bars or gaming
    • open homes and auctions
    • beauty therapy and nail salons (with COVID SAFE Checklist)

Restrictions will be further eased down from 12 June 2020, and who knows, maybe from 12 June car driving tests will be started too. so book online to learn to drive and start automatic car driving lessons in the meantime or manual car driving lessons. learn to drive in the meantime, while life is slow during the pandemic. learn new skills. and driving is on top of the list.

Click here Download complete guide to all stages here

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